BHTA would like to thank Dr David Knight of Trent & Peak Archaeology for help and advice in setting up this project and making the initial contact with English Heritage and also English Heritage, who are custodians of the site and gave their permission for the geophysical survey.

Our thanks are due to the Southwell Diocese, who own the land, Escritt, Barrell & Golding, their agents and Mr Potts the farmer who rents it for their permission to allow the survey to take place and their subsequent cooperation.

The topographical survey of the whole of the field was carried out by Dr Kate Strange of 3D Laser Mapping aided by members of BHTA. BHTA is grateful to the company, whose general manager, Graham Hunter, offered to carry out the survey free of charge. The resulting plots proved invaluable to the interpretation of the site.

The geophysical survey was carried out by Grid Nine Archaeological Geophysics and the geophysical section in this report was taken from the report on the survey written by David Hibbitt, who with his wife Angela carried out the geophysical survey with the initial support of Dr David Walker of Trent & Peak Archaeology.

David Knight carried out an interpretation of the geophysics results, which were reviewed by Lee Elliot and David Walker, also of TPA.

Adrian Henstock wrote the historical background.

The late Chris Green worked on the topographical data to produce the laser plan and took overall charge of this project until his untimely death in October 2008.

Geoff Ashton worked on the maps and figures.

Peter Allen compiled this report.

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