Many of the pages on this web site are concerned with the Bingham of the past; the Bingham of fields and orchards and slow, country pastimes. The Oral History Archive, in contrast, is devoted to capturing the thoughts and memories of the people who go to make up the Bingham of today. Some of these will of course, have lived here all their lives, and remember Bingham as it was in times gone by. Through them, we can begin to see how sudden and dramatic have been the changes to the town.

Not all those interviewed for this first tranche of recorded histories, however, are people who live in Bingham. Some contribute to the fabric of the town by coming here to work. Whether it be in the health, education and policing of the town, or the hobbies and sports available to the townspeople, they each make their important contribution and have their place in the ongoing story of a town called Bingham.

To read a short quote from the interviews click on the picture of any of the contributors, shown below.

Peter Akehurst

Peter Allen

Richard Beadle

Jane Black

Sharon Bryan

Keith Handley

Cliff Harding

Martin Harwood

Catherine Haynes

Christine Hodgson

John Hudson

Phil Jacques

Jim Johnson

Connie Jones

Dot Mabbott

Fred Mills

Alan Morris

David Nightingale

Chig Pacey

Kath Paterson

Derek Percival

Tony Player

Owen Rumbold

Steve Simpson

Peter Smith

Peter Thompson

Florence Todd

Derek Ward

Karen Woolgar

We thank them for their contribution.

Cassette tapes are now available for each of these interviews. Copies are held in the Angel Row Library, Nottingham (Local Studies section) and in Bingham Library.

Transcripts of these oral histories can be read in Bingham Library.

But the Oral History Archive will not be restricted to these few people. We hope it will continue to be built upon for as long as the town exists. Contributions to the archive are always being sought, and we would urge anyone who would like to be involved, and feels they have a story to tell, to contact Hilda Smith on 01949 837781.


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