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The database can be accessed in four independent ways, using the search. Each produces a table of key information for the records found: Location (of the stone on the map), Surname, First Name and Date of Birth. Occupant number identifies second, third etc names on the same stone. Note that verse formats are not shown.

Use ONE of these:

1) Click the surname box. Select from the drop down list the surname of interest and click on ‘Search by surname’.

2) Click the Year of Death Box. Select from a list of dates.

3) Click Search by Mason Select from a list of names to produce a table of stones carved by a particular individual. Note however that the data is stored as written, so one mason may have more than one ‘name’ – e.g. Squires, S Squires etc.

4) Search by keyword. This is very powerful search tool covering the whole data base. Type in any word or phrase you for which you wish to search – this could be keywords in an inscription, an occupation, a relationship etc. Be aware that some common words will produce many results – eg sister, God, Lord, – and may not help a lot!

The results of a search appear at the bottom of the screen in batches of twenty. Click on the appropriate quarter of the index map to produce a scrollable map for the sector indicated by the location data. A visual search (this is not automatic!) will enable you precisely to locate the stone on the ground

You can access further tables with additional information about each stone from these initial results - Mason, grid references, the material of which the stone is made, the mason’s name where available, the direction in which the stone faces and the type of stone (upright, slab etc) and biographies where we have been able to find information. You can access this further information in one of two ways:

a) Click on the surname additional information for that individual

b) Click on the location for additional information for all the names on that stone

(Occupant numbers will indicate if there is more than one name)


Click on the Churchyard Map heading to access a map of the whole churchyard showing the position of all gravestones. This is a pdf document and can be viewed independently of the you are reading. Place it to one side of your screen whilst reading the text results of your search. Use the pdf tools to enlarge and scroll round the map. Use the pdf find tool (usually binocular/page icon) to search for a gravestone ID Number of a name/part of a name.


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