1841 maps – Archive (5)

Between 1841 and 1901

The first Ordnance Survey map of Bingham was published in 1883. A revision of this was done in 1883 and published in 1901; and further revision was done in 1912 and published in 1915.

A number of public buildings (Church School, Wesleyan School, Court House) were erected in the period 1841 to 1883. The main building activity in this period, identified from comparing 1841 and 1883 maps is listed below:

Development 1841 - 1883
Nottingham road west of 330.1 inn
West of White Lion
Fairfield Street – Blakeney (House)
Kirkland House
Wesleyan School and manse houses on Kirkhill
Smithy south of manse houses
Newgate Street – cottage row on NW corner
Barns at 20 and 10 Newgate Street
Pair of Semis on corner of Newgate Street with Gillotts Close
16 and 18 Market Place and Cromwell House, Station Street
Rail Stations and goods shed
Steam Mill
Court House
Church House
Unknown buildings NE corner of Warner’s Paddock
Temperance Chapel
NW Corner of The Banks and Tithby Road
Plus some refronting and re-developments like 19 Church Street, Porchester Farm, Beauvale, much of Market Place shops, etc.

Development 1883 – 1901
1-17 Long Acre
7 - 9 Newgate Sreet
8-14 Church Street
Porchester Terrace
Derry Lane area (most)
Two pairs of cottages At the bottom of Toothill school drive (Banks and Grove Cottages)
Long Acre East north side

Outlying Farms

1851, 1861 Wheatcroft Farm is mentioned in census but only as home to agricultural labourers. It does not appear after this.
1871 – back to the four.
1883 Foss Road farm marked on map as Moot Hill Farm.
1891 add Bretts Farm (occupied by a shepherd). It is in census between Whitefield and Brackendale, so probably became New Banks Farm near Whitefield. Hunger Hill Farm (unknown) was also in that area and occupied by farm labourer. Coackayne’s Farm (possibly Top Brackendale?) was occupied by a working farm foreman. So looks like houses were being built for key farm workers near the existing old farms, given the name farm but were not independent concerns.
On the map of 1901/1915 the buildings are big enough to possibly include a house at Spring Farm, and others. Cockayne’s was still in census occupied by working farm foreman. Not the others. Mortimer’s Farm mentioned in census 1901 again occupied by a working foreman, so may be this was one of the others – New Banks is most likely from census. Fosse Farm comes into census in 1901.

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