This page is pending revision in the light of the World War II project currently being undertaken by BHTA. In due course we hope to have information available that is comparable to that relating to the World War I project. Watch this space for developments.


The men and women of Bingham played their full part in the Second World War. Some of them gave their lives in it. Here we attempt to preserve the memory of some of those people and to record the camps, buildings and war installations in Bingham and the services provided by Bingham to help the war effort.

The original page on World War II, put on the web site in 2003, was written in the form of reminiscences by Eric Sharp, who served in the Royal Air Force and was formerly Mayor of Bingham. New material has been added by Jim Johnson, who also served in the Royal Air Force, in part using pictures and information provided by David and Margaret Sibley.

This is not an attempt to present a full account of Bingham during the war, but provides a base to which more can be added as new information becomes available.

A useful source of information about Bingham during World War II is the book Bingham’s Children of the Twentieth Century by Catherine Haynes and Hilda Smith (ISBN 1-904102-03-4)


Personal testimonies
Buildings and installations
Invasion strategy

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