On early school days:

  • I went to a private school in Bingham, it was on Church Street, up the yard where the shop is now that sells tiles. It used to be a bakers shop, and the bakery was at the back. The little cottage was opposite the bakery. The son of the baker used to come to the same school and when he was naughty his father had to come and take him out and tan him because the teacher couldn't do it.

On festival days:

  • When I was younger, the festival days used to be like Sunday School anniversaries. You would have the Sunday School service on the Sunday and then on the Monday, you had tea and the band in the market place. Then you used to parade behind the band to a field on Long Acre, Mr. Walkers field, where the paddock is now, and run races and play games. The band would be playing all the time you were there and we had fetes on the Rectory lawn.

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