Midland purple rims and bases
a) Rims: possibly flanged with an external decorative ridge, 16 diameter (273); b) simple, rounded, upright with external decorative ridge, 12 cm diameter, (18684); c) clubbed with sharp edged rim, 16 cm diameter, (18622); d flat-topped, everted, 16 cm diameter (32098); e) simple upright, c12 cm diameter, (8469); f) slightly thickened, upright, rounded, 13 cm diameter (47306); g) wide, flat-topped, everted pancheon, 48 cm diameter, (16962); h) wide, everted with upturned lip, 44 cm in diameter, (18533); Bases. i) sharp angled, straight sided 110o (49349); j) sharp angled, upright, 100o (26980); k) slightly splayed, upright, (4445).

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