Sandy coarse earthenware rims and bases
Rims. a) flanged rim, possibly a lidded vessel, 20 cm diameter (6118); b) flanged rim, upright vessel, 22 cm diameter (18554); c) internally collared, possibly necked vessel, 18 cm diameter (24389); d) internally bevelled, 14 cm diameter (51159); e) flat-topped, thickened, 26 cm diameter (51135); f) wide, everted, shallow sided pancheon 38 cm diameter (18961); g) flat-topped everted, ornamented upright vessel 16 cm diameter (6760); h) clubbed upright, 19 cm diameter (18617); i) narrow everted, upright, ornamented external wall (51142). Bases. j) upright, slightly rounded edge (20311); k) rounded edge, near upright (572); l) pronounced pedestal, near upright, strong wheel marks inside base (50988); m) slightly splayed base, near upright (51124).

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