Purple-bodied sandy coarse earthenware
Rims. a) Simple upright rim, 16 cm diameter (30248); b) thickened, clubbed rim of a ?shouldered vessel, 18 cm diameter (14181); c) flanged rim of a lidded storage jar, 20 cm diameter (18648); d) everted rim (30321); e) hooked rim, possibly an upright vessel, 16 cm diameter (51136); f) narrow everted rim, possibly of a necked vessel, 20 cm diameter (20303). Handle. g) section through a handle (34626). Bases. h) sharp-angled base and side, 130o (3515); i) base and straight upright side (8201); j) base and curved upright side (20258); k) pedestal base and upright side c 100o (50953).

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