Coarse Black ware rims and bases
a) Everted chamber pot rim, 24 cm diameter (4723); b) thickened chamber pot rim, handle out of rim, 18 cm diameter (8987); c) narrow, everted, necked, handle out of rim, chamber pot, 22 cm diameter (38704); d) half rolled, upright, 28 cm diameter (50786); e) sharp-edged, slightly everted, upright, 16 cm diameter (42065); f) flat-topped, thickened, upright, 23 cm diameter (50909); g) slightly everted, round-topped, upright, 22 cm (630); h) inturned, necked, 20 cm diameter, (51030); Bases. i) round edged base, upright sides; j) splayed base, shallow bowl (40438); k) splayed base, upright (41240


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