Thanks are due to the headmaster Mr Rob Gilbey for his enthusiasm in allowing BHTA to dig in the school grounds.

The work was paid for by the Heritage Lottery Fund with a contribution by BHTA and was carried out during the Council For British Archaeology annual festival in July 2013.

Peter Allen supervised the project.

Chris Harrison stripped the turf and removed the road rubble with his excavator. Some of the kit was provided by Albion Archaeology of Bedford. Professional supervision was provided by Laura Binns of Trent and Peak Archaeology on site, David Knight, the TPA head of research and David Ingham. Grantham Archaeological Group carried out the preliminary geophysical survey. Veterinary advice was provided by Dane Atkin and Lesley Stretton-Downes. Margaret Sibley was artist in residence. Robin Aldworth was the project photographer with additional material provided by Frances Harkin.

The excavation was carried out by volunteer members of BHTA listed here:

Ann Packwood, Bob Terry, Carole Matthews, Carolyn Chenery, Chris Evans, Colin Glover, David Boxer, David Ingham, Diana Mackintosh, Elaine Kazimierczuk, Elinor Graham, Geoff Ashton, Helene Boxer, Hilary Sentance, James Darker, James Watson, Jane Harper, Jerry Hefford, Jim Priest, Joyce Allen, Krys Szpakowska, Marcus Ward Bishop, Patrick Hallam, Pauline Hollands, Robin Aldworth, Rowan Bird, Veronica Perry.

Off site support was provided washing and curating the finds by: Joan Ashton, Rose Rennie, Judy Barlow, Sally Sanderson, Geoff Ashton and Sue Hodson.

Finds were identified by Neil Cunnington (metal), Peter Hammond (clay pipes and glass), Peter Allen (post medieval, coarse earthenware and modern pottery), Adrian Henstock (stoneware and modern pottery).

The report was written and compiled by Peter Allen. Illustrations were prepared by Laura Binns, David Ingham and Geoff Ashton.

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