The Mabbotts

By 1832 John Mabbott had ceased to be landlord of the Wheatsheaf (John Coulishaw had replaced him). In 1841 Ann Mabbott (age 65) was living with Sarah Drinkwater (age 60), presumably her sister (see below) in Long Acre. Both were listed as of independent means and there is no mention of John, although he did not die until 7 May 1842. That census did not give married status. In his will of 10 October 1825 John left his estate to his wife, Ann. In the 1844 directory Mrs Ann Mabbott is recorded as being in Long Acre but no occupation is given. In the 1848 directory she is in Nottingham Road which may indicate she was not in what we now know as Long Acre.

In the 1861 census Ann Mabbott is listed as living in Needham Street aged 80 and described as a proprietor of houses. She lived with Sarah Drinkwater aged 43 - presumably her niece (see above).

Ann Mabbott died on 13 June 1863 and had willed (22 December 1862) her estate to William Mabbott, her husband’s nephew. Presumably they left no children of their own. William was a druggist’s assistant and lived in Wolverhampton. However a William Mabbott does appear in the 1844 directory as a stone cutter of Long Acre - might this be the same one? Was this William son of a brother of John also called William. Following the tradition of naming eldest sons after their fathers this would be consistent with William the nephew. Another family of Mabbotts lived in Needham Street (we think at Brompton House) but they were unlikely to have been closely related as the head of household was also a John (aged 60 in 1841).

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