Much of the information about farming in the twentieth century came from interviews held with Bingham’s farmers. The author thanks them for their willingness to take part. Interviews were held with Chris and Peter Lamin, Richard Hutton and his mother, Chris Cockayne, Neil Stubbs, Tom and Arthur Cockayne and Gordon Parratt.

Other sources are:

1. Thoroton society Record Series, vol 2, 1904, wherein The Domesday of Inclosures for Nottinghamshire. From the Returns to the Inclosure Commissioners of 1517 in the Public Records Office.
2. Records held in the Nottinghamshire County Archives:

a. Tythe map and awards for 1840.
b. Robert Hart’s farming diary and accounts book 1846-1861
c. Diaries of Robert Lowe 1793 – 1822
d. Farming diary of Henry Smith, Cropwell Butler 1843 – 48.

3. Andrew Esdaile, 1851. Historical Account of Bingham.
4. J. Throsby, 1790. Thoroton’s History of Nottinghamshire.
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9. Life in East Bridgford. East Bridgford Local History Group, 2003.
10. Bingham in the Past. Elizabeth Foster, 1982. Published locally.
11. Victorian Bingham. Edited by Val Henstock, 1986. Bingham and District Local History Society
12. Kelly’s Directories for1908, 1922, 1941.
13. Wright’s Directory for 1891
14. Ordnance survey maps at 1 : 2500 scale for Bingham, County series 43 NE, surveyed 1883, published 1884.
15. K.C. Edwards, 1942. Orchard Lands of Nottinghamshire, in Nottinghamshire Countryside, July 1942.

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