Part of the process of understanding Bingham’s heritage is to examine the natural environment within which we live to see what it can tell us about the history of human occupation of the parish. There is, though, a second reason for doing surveys of wildlife and flora. Most people now understand that the impact of humans on the natural environment has not always been beneficial to it and there is a growing feeling in the community at large that we have a responsibility not to damage the natural environment unnecessarily and, if at all possible, to put in place remedial measures that will reverse past damage.

Surveys of the trees, hedges and copses in the parish, carried out by BHTA, were done mainly to gain an understanding of some aspects of historical change, but the data collected can serve other purposes, particularly with respect to habitat studies, and they are presented here both on maps and in a database to facilitate their use in this way.

A survey of the wildlife and flora of the Linear Park was carried out by EMEC Ecology in 2001 while they were preparing a management plan for the Linear Park on behalf of the Bingham Town Council. They presented a list of all species that they recorded in the survey with their plan. The Friends of the Linear Park, under the chairmanship of by Bill Bacon, is continuously updating the species list, a version of which is available on this web site.

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Hedgerow survey
Tree survey
Survey of copses
Linear Park

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