List of Test Pits

In all, 73 1-metre test pits were dug, mainly in the historic centre of Bingham.

This map shows where they are.

Summaries for all of these digs can be read by clicking on the sites below. You can get full details for each of the pits by following on from the summary. The full reports include:

Site history
This covers the documented history of the site.
Field report
This is what was recorded in the field and has not been adjusted to take account of the detailed analysis that followed.
Analysis of results
There are three parts to this section:
Description of pit
Finds recorded
Photographic record
All reports include photographs, but some have a larger, separate, photographic section.

Please click on the pit numbers given below for a summary of the detail revealed in the pit. Each summary will give you the option to follow up with greater detail.

Southern margin of the lake and exploration of Crow Close
LM01 19, St Mary’s Road
LMCB03 63, St Mary’s Road
LMCB05 6, Church Close
CCLM03 (incl. CCLM04, CCLM05) Carnarvon Primary School
CCLM08 13, Abbey Road
CCLM10 16, Abbey road
CCLM12 50, Abbey Road
CC03 12, Holme Road

The origin of Bingham
CB01 (incl. CB01E) Beauvale House, Market Place
CB02 (incl.CB03, CB04) Robert Miles Junior School
CB06 12, Church Street
CB07 9, Cherry Street
CB11 Bingham Rectory, East Street
CB12, CB13, CB23, CB24 Foster’s Lane
CB14 (incl. CB15) 19, Church Street
CB17 6, Cherry Street
CB19 21, Church Street
CB20 2, East Street
CB21 2, Cherry Street
CB22 9, Church Street
CB25 9, Newgate Street
CB26 10, Newgate Street
CB27, CB28 7, Church Street
CB31 3, Rutland Road
CB32 8, East Street
CB33 61, St Mary’s Road
CB34 The Limes, Market Place
CB35 Vernon House, Market Place

Origin of the grid street plan
LA04 50, Long Acre
LA06, LA20, LA21, LA24, LA25 Warner’s Paddock
LA07 24, Long Acre
LA09 8, Cherry Street
LA11 7, Fisher Lane
LA12 67, Long Acre
LA13 79 Long Acre
LA14 6, Long Acre East
LA15 60, Long Acre
LA19 14, The Paddock
LA23 The Old Post Office, Long Acre

O06 21, Copeland Grove
SHC01 (incl. SHC02, SHC03) Robert Miles Infants School
SHC05 (incl. SHC05E) 15, Fairfield Street
SHC07 3, School Lane
W01 Tithby Rd/Mill Hill
O02 8, Melvyn Drive

Phase 2
CB05, CB37, CB38 Chesterfield Arms
LA26, LA27 53, Long Acre
LA28 52, Long Acre
LA29 56A, Long Acre
LA30 40, Long Acre
LA31 62, Long Acre
LA32 36, Long Acre. Tealby House
LA33 5, Fisher Lane, Bankside

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