Full names of those who served and returned

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Red Cross Nurses

Martin E Martin K Stone M  

Royal Navy

Adcock A
Blagg G

Fiddies O
Flowers J H B
Hemmings W
Hickman J T
Hickman W H
Mettam W
Pacey C
Scothern H
Singleton B
Smith W H
Snowden G H
Starbuck F W

Wilson F M
Wilson Henry
Wilson HE


Attenborough George Arthur
Bacon A
Baldock J
Barrett John Leonard
Baxter F
Baxter G
Baxter G A
Baxter J T
Blackburn C E
Blood Edward Foster
Blunt C T
Bradwell W
Bradwell W A
Bramley F
Branston F
Braithwaite W
Brewster E
Brewster F
Brewster H
Browne R
Buckworth T R
Buggins Harry
Bunting A E
Bunting E
Bunting J B
Butterworth G
Cabourn Frederick James
Castledine A E
Clarke B
Cole J R
Cope Reuben
Cope Ricardo
Cowdell Albert
Cowdell Frederick
Cowdell Herbert
Cowdell Sam
Cuddy Alban James
Cuddy Thomas Dennis
Culley F
Cutting W
Daft J H
Daft S
Daft T
Daubney P A
Derry E
Derry T W
Dixon L A
Dobson F E
Downing F S V
Dunsmore Frank
Dunsmore George
Dunsmore Richard
Dunsmore William
Eaton G
Eaton O [Jnr]
Eaton O [Snr]
Eyre J
Fewster Edward Ernest
Fewster Edgar Lonsdale
Fewster James Walter
Footitt G H
Footitt W B
Fowell G E
Fowell J
Gamble E
Garland E
Gill A E
Gillott A R
Gillott T
Goodwin W
Gray H W
Gray J
Green Charles
Green E
Gross S N
Harris P W
Hart F
Hart R
Hemmings J
Hind Thomas
Hitchcock A E
Hitchcock F
Hollingshead C
Holmes R W
Holwell C
Horsepoole T
Huskinson A
Huskinson F
Ingram Federick Charles
Jackson G
Jackson H
Jeffrey E
Johnson A E
Johnson A S H
Johnson H H
Johnson P C
Kendrick C W
Kerry J
Kettle W H
Kirby S C
Kirchen E B
Knight F
Knight W
Lacey T
Lamb C E
Lamb R
Lester G W
Lester J T
Little T E
Lorne A
Mabbott AE
Marston H G
McCann J J
Moncaster J
Moncaster W
Moore F R
Morley J
Morley J F
Munks E
Munks J
Munks J H
Nicholson G
Parker G
Parker H
Parkes W
Plunkett H E
Rayson A
Rowe F
Roberts O
Roberts R
Roberts W
Salter F
Savage C D
Scothern S
Shaw H E
Shaw J B
Shaw C P
Sheppard F
Sheppard J H
Shepperson C H
Shepperson G E
Shepperson J H
Skillington R
Skinner E E
Slater D S
Slater F
Smith G A
Smith N W
Snowden T B
Spencer G
Spencer H
Spencer J
Spurr J H
Spurr J
Spurr T
Squires L
Starbuck E T
Starbuck W F
Strong F
Strong W
Taylor A
Tilt H L
Upton J
Walker A
Ward A J
Ward G
Ward W
Webster A
Webster D
Whincup B
Whincup W G
Whitehead A
Whitehead J
Wicks M D
Widdowson F J
Widnall S H
Wilford Henry
Wilford John
Wilford William
Wilkinson R W H
Wilson A
Wilson E
Wood W
Wright Bernard
Wright C N
Wright Frank Hardy
Wright George Henry
Wright Thomas Sidney

“The names below were not included in the roll of honour; They appear on the Absent Voters List for the electoral roll of 1918 for Bingham and all have Bingham addresses. Our researches have revealed a number of different reasons for this but concluded that few if any had any real connection with Bingham. They do offer an interesting sidelight the criteria that were applied for adding a name the list of voters in a particular place.

Barnes, Albert Samuel
Bell, Reginald Dennis
Buckland, Joseph
Christian, William Henry
Clarke, John Herbert
Colam, Harold Bertram
Dixon, Harold Arthur Thos.
Elliot, George Albert
Entwistle, Arthur Bertram
Ferguson, Robert
Goodband, Herbert
Harrod, Joseph
Hopper, Ernest Harold
Marriot, Joseph
Marriott, Frederick
Marriott, Samuel
Marriott, Winnifred
Price, Aubrey
Richards, Herbert John
Spencer, Samuel Leonard
Thomas, Arthur Wigzall
Turner, Arthur Mitchell
Vincent, Thomas
Wallis, Arthur
Walton, Thomas

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